Other Resources

In this section, we list the links to other sites of interest for the breed:


National, regional and international Swissy clubs
Beside the national parent club GSMDCA and the breeders association AGSBA, we currently have 12 regional clubs recognized by the GSMDCA. Three of those clubs are AKC licensed breed clubs that can hold AKC events on their own, the others can sponsor and organize such events under the umbrella of the national club.

Private sites
This is a list of GSMDCA member breeders, a more comprehensive list can be found on the GSMDCA web site under "Finding a Swissy - Breeder's Classified". We only link breeders who are GSMDCA members. We have also listed one Swissy breeder in Canada and a couple of international Swissy club sites.


Health related
You will find links to all the important health registries as well as other interesting sites dealing with canine health.

Dog related
A collection of websites such as the AKC and its Swissy page as well as several resource sites for performance events.

Pet Health Insurance
The Pet Insurance Review site is helpful in finding the right health plan for your pet, we also list the two highest rated plans based on policy owner feedback.


A list of books dealing with various canine topics such as knowledge about the breed, training at different levels, behavior, health and nutrition.

Links to general pet supply and specialized sites for nutrition working dog activities equipment.

Arts and Crafts
Links to sites of sellers of Swissy related merchandise