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Xela   8/5/13 - 12/2/18

Xela underwent surgery on November 27. The spay and gastropexy operation is is a fairly routine procedure that all our Swissy retirees undergo before leaving for their new homes.

In her case, it was probably done just  in time as her uterus was filled with fluid that could have possibly developed into the dreaded uterine infection pyometra. Her immediate postop recovery was markedly slower than usual, this is why the clinic kept her until the 29th. But then she started to eat and drink and seemingly was doing much better and she was released to her family.
Late Saturday, she started to throw up and could not hold down food or water so on Sunday morning, we decided to take her to the U of MO vet clinic ER. The vet clinic where the surgery was done is not open on Sundays and the surgeon was in Florida visiting her ill father, otherwise, she would have opened the clinic to take care of her patient. However, she advised and assisted us by phone and also talked to the ER doctors which was very helpful and made our ultimate decision much easier. Bloodwork indicated that Xela had developed sepsis and despite massive IV fluids and other supportive measures, it became clear that she would not make it and that it would be best to let her go.
One of her family members was there and held her during her final moments and she now rests on the farm next to her Swissy buddies Blaze and Dora.

Xela was in a horrendous accident in January of this year, we suspect that her daughter broke through the underground fence and led her mother onto the dark narrow neighborhood street where she was hit by a car and spent several days at the same U of MO ER. She miraculously survived this ordeal but it is quite possible that her immune system was affected and she then could not cope with this normally routine procedure. And with the possibility of pyometra, not having her spayed might sadly have led to the same outcome.


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