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Litter 1

NOTE:  All puppies are placed

Litter free whelped: March 20, 2019

Number of puppies:  2 males, 8 females

Sire: Ch. Treensea Don't Tread On Gilbert of Brush Creek "Gilbert"

Dam: Landhof's Grace of Brush Creek II "Gracie"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart and Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names: Landhof's N... of Brush Creek

Release date: 3rd week of May 2019

Comment:  The sweet and always happy Gracie and our handsome ladies' man Gilbert had a couple of sizzling dates back in January. The result is that Gracie will be a mom again and like her first litter, it will be a sizeable one as the ultrasound showed 8+ puppies.
Both dogs are a good match temperament and conformationwise and as always, we are looking forward to a basket full of healthy, happy and pretty Swissy babies.

Update 3-28-19:  Because Gracie whelped her first litter with ease in good time - Swissys are notoriously slow whelpers - we decided to go this route with her 2nd litter too. As the previous time, she started around 8AM and by 8PM, she had 10 lively, healthy and very pretty babies. We were fairly certain that she probably had at least another 1 and possibly 2 but she did not react the oxytocin injection and the oral calcium and settled down for the night.
We then repeated this procedure in the morning and exactly like with her first litter, she had another pup 12 hours after the last live one and as expected, it was stillborn. Because she still had retained quite a few placentas, we administered another dose of oxytocin around noon and to our surprise, together with several placentas, she had yet another stillborn puppy. At this point, we assumed that she was done. She had plenty of milk and the 10 babies were nursing vigorously.
But based on her discharge - it changes from greenish to dark red-brown once all ther pups and placentas are out - and her somewhat restless behavior during the day and the night, we decided in the morning to take her in for an x-ray to make sure that she did not have retained yet another puppy. After a few minutes on the road, an awful stench made us stop and lo and behold, there was pup #13, it was already beginning to decompose which was not surprising 48 hours after the start of whelping. Fortunately, the x-ray did not detect another pup and the CBC came back normal.
It took Gracie a bit longer than the first time to recover from this rather challenging birthing process but by day 5, she was back to her normal happy self. She is a very attentive mom and has plenty of milk to keep her 10 babies well fed and content.

Update 4-6-19:  The babies are now 17 days old and are doing great. Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around on their still wobbly legs. But because they are so well fed and pleasantly plump (we don't want to fat-shame them.. :) and Gracie has so much milk, we probably won't start to wean them at the customary time frame of 3 weeks because they need to be reasonably mobile for this new experience, and being so well fed makes them a tad less active.

Update 4-15-19:  Just at around 3 weeks, some of the puppies started to climb out of the confines of the whelping box. Once this happens, we take off one of the boards so they can venture into the rest of the utility room, this is also the time to start the weaning process. As expected, because of Gracie's still ample milk supply, it is taking a bit longer but we hope that by the time they are 4 weeks old, they will be fully on puppy kibble. To make them more hungry, we make sure that Gracie does not let them nurse at least a couple of hours before feeding them. They are growing nicely, the average weight at 3 weeks was about 3 3/4 lbs
Tomorrow, the puppies will move to our longtime friend Rita in Phillipsburg 3 miles from our place. Rita has raised puppies for us for several years, we call her our puppy whisperer..  :)

Update 4-26-19:  On April 16 at 27 days, the puppies moved 3 miles down the road to Rita's home where they will stay until they are ready to join their new failies by mid-May. The move coincided with a spell of bad and cold rainy weather so the puppies had to stay inside for longer than anticipated. They did get plenty of visitors during the Easter weekend, Rita's grand kids are always ready to play with the puppies.
They are now 5 1/2 weeks old and except for the mini but mighty Ms Green, average about 8 lbs.

Update 5-5-19:  The puppies were 6 weeks old on May 1, they are all doing really well and are growing like weeds. They are now spending all day outside in the puppy yard which has a large open section and a covered well protected shelter area where the puppies can hang out on rainy days of which we have had a lot recently. Rita keeps the yard dry with with straw which is also helpful for cleaning up the copious and frequent piles of puppy poop  :) After their dinner, the puppies move back to their inside quarters for the night.
On April 27, Gracie's 10 were joined by Hannah's 6-pack We came to the difficult decision to move the 6 puppies back to Phillipsburg because there has been an unexpected change in the situation with Kathleen's elderly parents requiring her to devote all her time to this family matter and being away from home almost daily for extended periods of time.
The most puppies we have ever raised was about 6 years ago when we had a litter of 14 so 2 more is doable but it is challenging, fortunately, Rita has relatives living close by and one of the teenage girls has become a valuable helper.

Farewell to the babies The puppies were 8 weeks old on May 15 annd started to leave for their new homes on the 18th. Tomorrow, June 1, Ms Green, will travel to her new home leaving only her sister Lt Blue who will stay for another couple of weeks because her new family in nearby Springfield is on anextended vacation until mid-June.
We wish all of the Gracie-Gilbert puppy families the very best and many years of joy, fun and wonderful companionship with their new Swissy family member.





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