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Litter 1

Litter expected: July 7-9, 2018

Number of puppies expected:  5-7+

Sire: Ch. Karhunkierros Wild Waylon "Waylon"

Dam: Ch. Brush Creek's Zita of Landhof "Zita"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart and Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names:  Landhof's F.. of Brush Creek

Release date:  1st week of September 2018

Comment:  As previously, Zita surprised us with the unpredictable progression of her heat cycles. On this occasion, she decided to take her sweet time, i.e. 15 days, until she was ready for her new beau, the handsome and always willing Mr Waylon.
The waiting paid off as the ultrasound at about 4 1/2 weeks showed 5-7 puppies. Sonograms are notoriously unreliable for counting puppies so she may well have more than 7, she had 12 and 8 in her first two litters. While there were some telltale signs that she might be pregnant at the time of the ultrasound, she only now, at 5 weeks, is starting to develop a "puppy belly".
Zita and Waylon complement each other well conformation and temperament wise and as always, we are looking forward to a basket full of healthy and happy puppies.




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