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Litter 1

Litter free whelped:  July 8, 2017

Number of puppies:  3 males, 3 females

Sire:  Ch. Shadetree's Omar Twist "Omar"

Dam:  Ch.Landhof's Dorothy of Brush Creek "Dorothy"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart and Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names:  Brush Creek's K... of Landhof

Release date:  September 9 to 15, 2017

Comment:  Our spirited and always happy Ms Dorothy seems to follow in her cousin Zita's paw prints when it comes to sneaky heat cycles. When we noticed that she was coming in season at the beginning of May, we assumed that we had plenty of time to get her beau from a Swissy breeder friend a few hours away. To get an idea about the progesterone levels, we always start testing fairly early, so we did a test a couple of days after we noticed the onset of estrus expecting  the normal low numbers. But to our great surprise, she was already so advanced that we had to scramble and go to plan B. Fortunately, another longtime breeder friend living close by had a male available so the handsome Omar came, saw and conquered..  (-:
The ultrasound at 5 weeks showed that the mating was successful, we saw 6+ babies. We are looking forward to a basket full of healthy, happy and pretty babies, Dorothy and Omar are a good match conformation and temperament wise.
Dorothy is featured on the "Our Swissys" page while Omar's information is available by contacting us at swissys@brushcreekfarm.com

Update 7-18-17:  One of the concerns of having the puppies of a first time Swissy mom delivered by c-section is the acceptance of the pups by the mother after the procedure. With natural birth, the bonding process between mom and baby starts right away while c-section deliveries sometimes result in hours of waiting for the mom to realize that these wiggly little things are her babies. Therefore, we always put an open ended muzzle on the mom until she starts to lick her babies which is the clear sign that the maternal instinct has kicked in.
With Dorothy being such a high energy Swissy, we decided to let her free whelp to have her get accustomed to her new role more easily. We expected her to go into labor between July 7 and 9 and she promptly had her first puppy in the evening on July 7. By the morning of the following day, she had 6 live puppies, sadly, 3 did not make it, 2 were stillborn and 1 died shortly after birth, it was literally strangulated by placentas from already born pups wrapped around it.
With 9 puppies accounted for and Dorothy settling down comfortably with her brood, we thought that we were done. But when 5 hours after the last delivery, she still had a very heavy greenish discharge indicating that there were possibly more puppies, we headed to the vet and sure enough, the x-ray showed 2 more pups and unfortunately, the ultrasound did not show any heartbeats.
The birthing process is a symbiotic relation between mom and babies: the live babies' struggle to get out triggers the mom's contractions, hence, if the pup is dead, this response is missing. While most of the time, dead puppies are eventually expelled, we did not want to take the risk of a prolonged discomfort and possible serious problems for the mom and had the 2 pups removed by c-section. An interesting side note is that all the pups, alive and dead, were uniformely large in the 19 to 24 oz range, with the lone exception of one of 16 oz, the very cute Mr Red.
Dorothy recovered quickly from the surgery and because she has plenty of milk, the pups are pleasantly plump, to put it mildly.. (-: Despite the heartbreaking loss of 5 puppies, we are happy and pleased with the 6 that made it and hope that they continue to thrive until they join their new families in a few weeks.
As planned, the new Swissy family moved to the Borgmeyers in Martinsburg MO on July 16, they will grow up and leave from there between September 9 and 15.


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