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Litter 1

NOTE: All puppies are placed

Litter delivered by c-section: July 6, 2018

Number of puppies:  2 males, 7 females

Sire: Ch. Karhunkierros Wild Waylon "Waylon"

Dam: Ch. Brush Creek's Zita of Landhof "Zita"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart and Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names:  Landhof's M.. of Brush Creek

Release date:  1st week of September 2018

Comment:  As previously, Zita surprised us with the unpredictable progression of her heat cycles. On this occasion, she decided to take her sweet time, i.e. 15 days, until she was ready for her new beau, the handsome and always willing Mr Waylon.
The waiting paid off as the ultrasound at about 4 1/2 weeks showed 5-7 puppies. Sonograms are notoriously unreliable for counting puppies so she may well have more than 7, she had 12 and 8 in her first two litters. While there were some telltale signs that she might be pregnant at the time of the ultrasound, she only now, at 5 weeks, is starting to develop a "puppy belly".
Zita and Waylon complement each other well conformation and temperament wise and as always, we are looking forward to a basket full of healthy and happy puppies.

Update 7-11-18:  We expected the puppies a day or two later but by Friday, physical signs and progesterone levels indicated that Zita might start to deliver during the night. Because we expected a fairly large litter, our longtime and very experienced repro vet recommended to get the puppies out on the 6th. The surgery went without a hitch and we made the 30 minute drive home with 9 lively, healthy and nicely marked babies and a groggy mom.
Zita already had milk several days before  the birth but of course, we never know how much the puppies actually get. Because it is crucial for the puppies to get the colostrum, the first form of milk rich in antibodies which helps to strengthen their immune system, we do not supplement for the first couple of days unless the mother does not have any or only very little milk. Especially with large litters, it is not unusual that the babies initially lose some weight so we often start to supplement lightly from about the 3rd day on until the weights stabilize and and the normal daily weight gain has kicked in.
As always between 3 and 5 days, we remove the dewclaws  and we always hope that there are none on the rear legs. In this litter, 5 puppies had rear dewclaws but we were lucky that they were single digits not much larger than those in the front which are always smaller than the rear ones.

Update 7-15-18: The puppies were one week old on July 13 and are doing well. Zita is a very attentive mom who keeps her babies well fed and clean. However, we have one concern with her: she can be a bit clumsy around her puppies and sometimes seems to be oblivious to where they are in relation to her body. In both her previous litters, she laid on a puppy and suffocated it. While most fatalaties due to suffocation occur during the first few days after birth when the puppies are still small and not yet very mobile, Zita's two pups were 2 and 3 weeks old and we believe that they got underneath her in the process of her laying down to let the puppies nurse. Unfortunately, despite the presence of a security camera that it is on around the clock, it is not possible to provide 24 hour supervision, especially during the night. Therefore, once the puppies don't have to nurse every couple of hours anymore after about 2 weeks, we might keep Zita away from them and let her nurse only when we can keep a close eye on her and thus hopefully prevent another heartbreaking loss.

Update 7-20-18:  On their 2-week birthday, the puppies had their first visitors. The family who co-owns 14 months old Swissy Luke with us, met here to pick up Luke after his 2-week stint at Suma Kennels to learn how to behave in the AKC conformation show ring. So the family combined getting their beloved Luke back with visiting the puppies, Ava, Ana and Carter had a great time and mom had a hard time getting them out of the whelping box so that Zita could come and nurse the babies..  :)
As always at 2 weeks, the puppies got their first round of biweekly dose of dewormer. All puppies are born with roundworm passed on by the mother while they are in the womb, these parasites have a quite intriguing lifec cycle Roundworms in dogs & puppies  we also use a coccidia preventive as coccidiosis is another very common intestinal infection that is often self-limiting in adults but can cause severe diarrhea in young puppies Coccidiosis in Dogs

Update 7-27-18:  The puppies are 3 weeks old today and are doing great. They have started to totter around on their still wobbly legs and with their eyes now open and their hearing fully functioning, they perk right up when they hear a loud noise or see mom stepping into the box. With lactation winding down, Zita now spends more time lounging in the hallway than in the box with her babies.
We usually start the always very messy weaning process between 3 and 4 weeks so the puppies will start to learn fairly soon that food does not only come in liquid form out of a readily available spigot..  :)

Update 8-7-18:  On July 31, the puppies traveled the 150 miles from Brush Creek Farm to the home and farm of Kathleen and Henry Borgmeyer in Martinsburg MO where they will stay until August 20 when they will return to Phillipsburg again until they are ready to join their new families the first week of September.
They are now 4 1/2 weeks old, we started to wean them the day after they were 3 weeks old, and as we generally see with puppies from large litters, they took to the weaning mush very quickly
At the Borgmeyers, after a few more days of baby cereal mixed with milk replacer, yogurt and canned pumpkin to add fiber, they are now fully on puppy kibble. To facilitate the communal eating, the kibble is soaked so it is mushy and easier to eat for the puppies. They are fed 3-4 times per day about 6 hours apart, and of course, mom still lets them nurse a few times a day.

Update 8-14-18:  The puppies are doing great, they were 5 weeks old on Friday. They had several groups of visitors on the weekend and got a lot of extra attention and loving from several delighted kids and some longtime Swissy owner friends.
As always, Kathleen does a great job getting individual pictures of the puppies thanks to Henry's presentation in front of  the colorful summer flowers with the 100+ year old oak wood barn in the background.
At 6 weeks, the puppies will be dewormed again and receive a vaccination against the dreaded parvovirus, one of the most lethal viral diseases of young puppies  Canine Parvovirus
We have been taking this precaution ever since we had a parvo outbreak in 2 different puppy raising locations in 2008, we lost a couple of pups in one litter and had to hospitalize several in the other one. This one vaccination is not a full protection but it will greatly limit the gastrointestinal effect of the virus, the subsequent 3 combination vaccinations which include parvo at 8, 11 and 14 weeks will assure that the puppy will be fully immunized by 4 months.

8-24-18:  After 3 fun filled weeks at the Borgmeyers, the puppies returned to Phillipsburg into the care of our longtime friend and puppy raiser Rita. They have a couple of busy weeks ahead of them before they join their new families with wellness visits, vaccinations, deworming and health certificates for the puppies traveling by air. In the meantime, they love to romp around in the puppy yard and pester the ever so patient feline trainer Sampson.

8-26-18:  Today, Rita had a birthday party for one of her grandkids and of course, kids and puppies are a match made in heaven! Both the puppies and the children had a great time, with the pups loving the extra attention and the kids cuddling them. It was a very enjoyable and fun afternoon, with happy and tired human and canine youngsters by the end of the day.

Farewell to the babies  9-8-18: The puppies started to leave on September 2 and by the 17th, all will be in their new homes. We will upload the pictures of the puppies with their new families starting with Mr Blue on Sept. 2 and ending with Ms Orange on Sept. 17
We wish all of the Zita-Waylon puppy families the very best and many years of joy, fun and wonderful companionship with their new Swissy family member.






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