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Litter 2

Litter expected delivered by c-section:  March 9, 2019

Number of puppies:  3 males, 3 females

Sire: Ch. Ch. Treensea Don't Tread On Gilbert Of Brush Creek "Gilbert"

Dam: Landhof's Hannah Rose of Brush Creek "Hannah"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart and Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names: Brush Creek's N... of Landhof

Release date:  2ndt week of May 2019

Please note:
Because we got a number  of questions regarding the long term health effects on Hannah's puppies due to to their

The spirited Ms Hannah and our big guy Gilbert have been hanging out together on and off st Brush Creek Farm for the past year. So when the time was right, they were ready and willing for a tete a tete.
We were pretty sure that Hannah was pregnant and the ultrasound at 4+ weeks confirmed the pregnancy, it looks like it will be substantial litter as the sonogram showed about 9 babies.
We chose this combination of sire and dam because Gilbert is a large heavy boned male who has produced some substantial puppies with mid-size females like Hannah.

Update 3-17-19:   Because Hannah's projected due date fell on a weekend and considering that she was a first time mom expecting a large litter, we opted for a c-section on Saturday. There were 11 live, full term and good size puppies that were all in severe respiratory distress. Extensive neonatal care with oxygen etc. got 8 puppies to start breathing normally, unfortunately, 2 males and 1 female did not come around and we lost another female on Sunday morning probably due to excess fluids in the lungs. We believe that a change in the special anesthesia protocol for Swissys caused the respiratory distress of the entire litter and we have addressed the issue with the owner of the clinic. It is not usual that in large litters, some puppies will be in distress but we have never had an entire litter delivered by c-section affected by respiratory deficiency.
C-sections can be a bit challenging, especially for first time moms as the bonding with the puppies that occurs during natural whelping is of course missing and requires careful introduction of the mom with her babies.
Bur there is always a first.. in our 25 years of raising Swissys, we have never had a Swissy mom being totally indifferent to her puppies. Our fun and happy Hannah never started to take care of her babies, she was not hostile towards them, just completely uninterested. This was compounded by the almost total lack of milk even after the standard treatment to accelerate milk letdown.
With a mom disinterested in her pups and without milk, we had to scramble to find a solution quickly to avoid not only having to hand feed but also clean the 7 puppies until they are ready to be weaned around 3 weeks. Fortunately, our longtime Swissy breeder friend Mary Beth Usery of Suma kennels in nearby Marshfield MO had a female whose puppies were about 7 weeks old, she also still had quite a bit of milk and she always has been an outstanding mom. So 3 days after the pups birth, Sam came to the rescue and accepted Hannah's babies right away. While we still supplement because Sam started to dry up, we hope that  the 7 nursing puppies will get lactation going again.
Because of the total lack of any maternal instinct, obviously this will be Hannah's first and last litter. We will have her spayed and do a preventive gastropexy in a couple of month and then hope to find a family who can enjoy her happy and energetic disposition.

Update 3-24-19:  This was quite an eventful week. Sadly, we lost Ms Teal at 9 days, she started to fade slowly away within about a day. The fading puppy syndrome is still poorly understood, one cause could be the absence of colostrum that these puppies did not get from their mother. Although we supplemented all puppies with canine plasma which is the best alternative to maternal colostrum, this may not have been enough to pull Ms Teal through and of course, there are numerous other causes why puppies die shortly after birth.
Because we were expecting Gracie's puppies in the next couple of days, Sam and her 6 foster babies moved back to Mary Beth on the 18th where Sam continues her amazing job of feeding and taking care of Hannah's 6 puppies.
Today, they are 2 weeks old and are doing very well considering their really rough start, they are all now in the 2 lbs range.
As always at 2 weeks, the puppies got their first round of biweekly dose of dewormer. All puppies are born with roundworm passed on by the mother while they are in the womb, these parasites have a quite intriguing lifec cycle Roundworms in dogs & puppies  we also use a coccidia preventive as coccidiosis is another very common intestinal infection that is often self-limiting in adults but can cause severe diarrhea in young puppies Coccidiosis in Dogs

Update 3-31-19:  The puppies were 3 weeks old yesterday and are doing well, they are active and very wiggly, it was quite a challenge trying to take individual pictures. Sam still cleans and feeds them regularly but they are also getting bottle fed about 3 times a day as Sam, being past the normal end of lactation for her own babies, does not have enough milk for the growing need of her foster babies.
Yesterday, they also got their first meal of the soupy weaning mush of baby rice, canned pumpkin and yogurt mixed with milk replacer. As always, until they catch on, this is a pretty messy affair as the puppies have to learn to eat instead of just suckling to get food. But this transition from liquid to solid food usually does not take too long and once they are fully weaned, mom's nipples become pacifiers instead of a source of food.
Earlier in the week, the puppies moved to a new escape proof enclosure as they started to climb out of their kiddie pool but once out, couldn't get back in.

Update 4-7-19:  Like most puppies that are partially bottle fed, Hannah's 6-pack caught on eating very quickly. They mastered the transition from the nipple and bottle to the mush followed by soaked kibble in a few days and at 4 weeks, are now fully on solid food. They are now also rapidly gaining weight, are active and have started to play with each other.
The ever so patient Sam still lets them nurse occasionally, she also still cleans up after them which is unusual because most moms stop doing this once the pups are on solid food and the texture of the bowel content changes from milk to kibble based.

Update 4-14-19: On the 10th, the puppies said goodbye to their devoted foster mom Sam and wonderful interim caretaker Mary Beth to make the 3-hour trip to the home of our longtime Swissy friend and partner Kathleen Borgmeyer and her husband Henry in Martinsburg MO where they will stay until they are ready to join their new families by mid-May.
The puppies settled in quickly, they passed the 5-week mark yesterday and are now growing rapidly. They also already had their first visitors today, the Borgmeyers great-nieces and friends loved to play and cuddle with thepuppies who of course enjoyed the extra attention.

Update 4-19-19:  Because of these puppies unusual situation at birth and the numerous inquiries about it, here is a brief summary explaining this issue:

During my 20+ years of breeding Swissys, we have had a number of litters with mothers who had insufficient lactation and whose puppies had to be supplemented with milk replacer.  Especially when the absence of colostrum  is an issue, we always give plasma within the first 12-36 hours. Based on the reports from owners of puppies from such litters, these puppies did not experience more health issues as adults than pups raised by their mothers without requiring plasma or daily supplemental bottle feeding up to weaning between 3 and 4 weeks.
Regarding the complications at birth, all the puppies that survived were breathing at delivery, they just needed fairly intensive neonatal care. But again, we have never had reports of health problems with puppies that had respiratory problems at birth.

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