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Litter 2

Litter expected:  o/a March 11, 2019

Sire: Ch. Ch. Treensea Don't Tread On Gilbert Of Brush Creek "Gilbert"

Dam: Landhof's Hannah Rose of Brush Creek "Hannah"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart and Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names: Brush Creek's N... of Landhof

Release date: 2nd week of May 2019

The spirited Ms Hannah and our big guy Gilbert have been hanging out together on and off st Brush Creek Farm for the past year. So when the time was right, they were ready and willing for a tete a tete.
We were pretty sure that Hannah was pregnant and the ultrasound at 4+ weeks confirmed the pregnancy, it looks like it will be substantial litter as the sonagram showed about 9 babies.
We chose this combination of sire and dam because Gilbert is a large heavy boned male who has produced some substantial puppies with mid-size females like Hannah.

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